On the 19th March 2022, the BESIES hosted a Stallion Grading Show at The Sport Horse Centre in Coventry, CV8 3EQ. It was displayed a very high quality of young stallions coming up and being licensed along with the upgrading Approval of the international stallion ‘History’. The prestigious panel of judges consist of : Michael Whitaker, Brian Dye, Geoff Glazzard and Charles Edwards. For future gradings please contact or on 01684 833714.

Stallion Grading Shows

How they run

The day will begin with an in-hand trot up (no boots allowed) for all the stallions. All the events of the day will run in catalogue order – from youngest horse to oldest. Then, the loose jumping/loose schooling will take place (front boots only permitted). Followed by the ridden horses, where front boots and normal BS-Approved hind boots are allowed.

The presentation

Stallions should be shown in a snaffle bridle for the trot-up and loose presentation. They should also be plaited. The presenter of the stallion must be dressed in smart wear or riding gear.

Horses 5 years old and over must be shown under-saddle, unless they are too green to do so. 4 year olds have the choice between either loose or ridden (but cannot do both) and 3 year olds must be shown loose.


For loose jumping: the grid consists of a cross pole one stride (7m) to an upright and then one stride (7.5m) to an upright/oxer. And as little use of the whip as possible is preferred.

For jumping under-saddle: a shortened course of 5/6 jumps including one double. Horses may be asked to go around twice.

Heights we expect the stallions to jump:

  • 3 year olds – around 1.10m
  • 4 year olds – loose jumping at 1.20m, ridden jumping at 90cm
  • 5 year olds – around 1.00m
  • 6 year olds+ – around 1.10m

Costs & Grading

The entry fee is £150 which must be payed prior to the grading either by BACS, card, cheque or cash. If the stallion is passed, the studbook’s fee of £500 will need to then be payed on top, upon which the stallion’s passport will be stamped, BS will be informed and a certificate will be issued within 7 days. Stallions which did not pass can be entered into the Reception Register (which does not count as graded) for own-use only at the cost of £300, where that can remain until represented at a future grading. (Passports will need to be handed in upon arrival to the secretaries.)

Vetting & X-rays

Vettings and X-rays are to be made after the grading, for stallions that have been passed only.

How to have a stallion graded:

  1. Read the stallion grading rules under rules and regulations.
  2. The stallion must have talent to pass on
  3. The stallion must have a good temperament and must be well behaved in company and not pose a risk to others.
  4. The stallion must pass a 5 stage vetting plus X-rays. Download: Stallion X-ray Criteria.pdf
  5. The stallion can be graded during a Stallion Grading show or privately.

Grading is done on Soundness and pure Performance Ability taking into account functional conformation and suitable Temperament. The importance of producing a horse to his/her highest level lays entirely with the owner and is key to up-grading or downgrading in our system.

During the Inspection we require to see the stallion in hand on a hard surface in walk and trot and correctly presented with manners to match.

As a rule we would like to see 2 and 3 year olds shown lose and 4 year olds and over ridden and jumping/dressage.

The height of the jumps will be in accordance with their British Showjumping age-group standards. The way of going in between the fences as well as the way of jumping will be taken into account.

For dressage the way of movement, cadence and elevation and power will be judged together with ride-ability.

For eventing we need to see a horse with 3 good paces and a good clean way of jumping and conformation and temperament suitable for 3 day eventing.


Magic Quality, an Approved stallion with Breeders Elite.