How to have a stallion graded:

  1. Read the stallion grading rules under rules and regulations.
  2. The stallion must have talent to pass on
  3. The stallion must have a good temperament and must be well behaved in company and not pose a risk to others.
  4. The stallion must pass a 5 stage vetting plus X-rays. Download: Stallion X-ray Criteria.pdf
  5. The stallion can be graded during a Stallion Grading show or privately.

Grading is done on Soundness and pure Performance Ability taking into account functional conformation and suitable Temperament. The importance of producing a horse to his/her highest level lays entirely with the owner and is key to up-grading or downgrading in our system.

During the Inspection we require to see the stallion in hand on a hard surface in walk and trot and correctly presented with manners to match.

As a rule we would like to see 2 and 3 year olds shown lose and 4 year olds and over ridden and jumping/dressage.

The height of the jumps will be in accordance with their British Showjumping age-group standards. The way of going in between the fences as well as the way of jumping will be taken into account.

For dressage the way of movement, cadence and elevation and power will be judged together with ride-ability.

For eventing we need to see a horse with 3 good paces and a good clean way of jumping and conformation and temperament suitable for 3 day eventing.


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