Henk Minderman, founder/studbook manager of the BESIES. Born in Holland but has lived in England since 1979. Henk has bred horses for the Renkum Stud for the last 35 years and was the founder of AES. Henk won the 2010 British Breeders Meritoire award for his contribution to British Breeding, he brings 20 years experience of operating a studbook and a great wealth of knowledge of continental breeding and on hand experience. His breeding/improvement system advocated in Renkum Stud, Breeders Elite & formerly in the Anglo European Studbook has proved to be very successful, just look at the British bred horses that are flying the flag for Britain and the AES, all produced during his management.


louise and henkLouise Minderman, wife of Henk. 20 years experience in office management. Trained accountant and ambitious show jumper, Ridden up to 2* International level and also involved with the running of Renkum Stud. Louise has a good knowledge of breeding / bloodlines and this compliments her financial and office experience. Her approachable manner makes a refreshing experience.