horse2This is the process for all sections in the studbook with the exception of the “Breeders Elite” & “ID only” sections.

Foals should be registered in the year of birth and prior to being weaned from the mother. The foal must have a markings form completed by your vet and at the same time a microchip inserted. The bar code of the microchip should be placed on the markings form in the bottom right corner.
Download the markings form: Markings Form.pdf [328kb]

Microchips can be purchased from us for a cost of £7.00, however a vet must insert.

Documents required for registration – If the Dam of the foal is not registered with the SIES then a photocopy of the pedigree is required to be sent along with the completed covering certificate. The declaration of birth should be completed by the breeder/owner as these are the details that will be used to produce your passport. If you are the breeder but not the owner of the foal then we would ask that you put this in writing when you send the registration papers in to the office.