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    Welcome to our new website and updated Studbook. The SIES was started in 2009, based in Northern Ireland with recognition from DARD & DEFRA as a Passport Issuing Office. In March 2013 an office was opened in West Sussex and the studbook was re-launched with the exciting Breeders Elite section and unique Reception Register sections. Please see our registration pages for more information on these sections.
    Breeders Elite - SIES is a truly British owned and based studbook, our concept is to improve British Breeding but also to offer guidance and support in this sometimes difficult pastime. During My time in studbooks I have always looked for an improvement scheme and tried not to prejudice against other breeds/studbooks. I hope I have always offered a chance whereas with other studbooks this has not always been possible.

    We should be proud of our breeders as we look at just a few like, Triple X, Sultan, Tinka's Serenade, Billy Congo, Billy Bianca, Blue Angel,
    Sussex Caretino and probably many more. With new technology offering more affordable embryo transfers this can only be positive for the improvement scheme as more and more international mares will be used instead of non descript mares like 10-15 years ago.
    It is exciting times and it can only get better, we look forward to working with you.
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    Henk Minderman, founder/owner of the BESIES. Born in Holland but has lived in England since 1979. Henk has bred horses for the Renkum Stud for the last 35 years and was the founder of AES. Henk won the 2010 British Breeders Meritoire award for his contribution to British Breeding, he brings 20 years experience of operating a studbook and a great wealth of knowledge of continental breeding and on hand experience.

    Louise Minderman, wife of Henk. 20 years experience in office management. Trained accountant and ambitious show jumper, Ridden up to 2* International level and also involved with the running of Renkum Stud. Louise has a good knowledge of breeding / bloodlines and this compliments her financial and office experience.

    Jacqui Latrice, previously worked for AES as Office manager. She brings a wealth of knowledge not only in office skills but in how a studbook works and should operate. Her responsibilities include the smooth running of the office and making sure that the studbook runs in accordance with EU legislation.

    Henk Jan Wichers is from Holland, now based in the UK working for both BESIES and Renkum Stud. Henk Jan has a wide knowledge of continental breeding and grading systems all over Europe. His interest & enthusiasm in breeding is an asset to SIES. Henk Jan will be assisting with stallion grading and dealing with Dutch,Belgian and German overseas customers.
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    Baloubet JR Z
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     Handel II
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     Caretino Glory
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  • This is the process for all sections in the studbook with the exception of the "Breeders Elite" & "ID only" sections.

    Foals should be registered in the year of birth and prior to being weaned from the mother. The foal must have a markings form completed by your vet and at the same time a microchip inserted. The bar code of the microchip should be placed on the markings form in the bottom right corner.
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    Microchips can be purchased from us for a cost of £7.00, however a vet must insert.

    Documents required for registration - If the Dam of the foal is not registered with the SIES then a photocopy of the pedigree is required to be sent along with the completed covering certificate. The declaration of birth should be completed by the breeder/owner as these are the details that will be used to produce your passport.
    If you are the breeder but not the owner of the foal then we would ask that you put this in writing when you send the registration papers in to the office.

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    Date and time
    4th - 5th Feb 2014
    Addington Manor
    BS show and Stallion Grading
    Addington Manor
    BS show and Stallion Grading
    Show jumping entries
    Addington Manor
    BS show and Stallion Grading
    Loose jumping entries
    4th Feb 2014
    Addington Manor
    Breeders night function
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